Scuola di Musica

The School of music "Jacopo Napoli"

was activated by the Academy in 1991 to promote a stable manner the basic musical training on the territory.

Today, the School of music, for the purpose of providing a path that ensures the necessary skills to access the academic courses required by the Law of the reform of musical studies, has expanded its educational offer, establishing the courses preaccademici in agreement with the state Conservatory of music “Martucci” di Salerno.

The School of music, in addition to the regular and stable activities, teaching music – that uses the work of qualified teachers in that they have a well-established pedagogical experience – promotes and supports initiatives for children and adolescents who exercise a function of a stimulus and is detected at the important experiences and socio-cultural.

The study plan includes: individual lessons of instrument; meetings of the introductory music for children, which promote, through fun activities and movement, the development of skills and the acquisition of the elements-the basis of music; chamber music workshops, to offer you the opportunity to combine the learning of concepts and the evolution of the skills with the exciting possibility of a comparison of the dynamic and formative.


Along with the regular teaching activities, the School has promoted and supported a series of initiatives that, in addition to exercise, a clear function of stimulus to the study of music, have been positive experiences in the field of pedagogical and social. Among these, the holiday music are an indelible impression in the memory of many of them: spend a whole week in a tuscan Farmhouse – Colle Val D'elsa, in Vicchio – immersed in the nature, studying and playing together with the teachers, learning how to organise the time of a colorful community of people from the roles of the flexible – to-teacher, student, cook, chauffeur – has been for years an example of an innovative way of conceiving musical training is inserted in the more general context of the formation of the personality.

In the course of the years the School has cared for the staging of original works, among which was the musical fable “The adventures of Catherine “, an early work of Elsa Morante, presented the first time at the Theatre of St. Silvia in Rome, and later replicated in other Schools of music. The string ensemble of the School has produced the show ” ...and the angels sing still” held in the Institute of San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome, the proceeds of which were donated to the Institute of Neuropsychiatry at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome.