The following information refer to the provisions of art. 9, paragraph 2, of the Law Decree of 8 August 2013, n. 91 (converted into law October 7, 2013 no. 112) laying down urgent measures to ensure the transparency, simplification and effectiveness of the system of public contribution to the live show and the cinema and to the notes to the clarification of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, published on 30 January 2014.

Profile of the Accademia musicale Jacopo Napoli

The Accademia musicale Jacopo Napoli, association legally established in 1987 and operates without a solution of continuity in Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno), already recognized Institution of regional importance (L. R. 49/85) is an Entity with legal personality.

His action stands out for the extensive program of promotion of the musical activities sponsored and have already been incurred by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the contribution of the Region of Campania, in the Province of Salerno, of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Cava de’ Tirreni and the local Tourist information office.

The activities are catalogabili in three types of intervention:

1) a stable activity of music initiatives in the territory: the constitution and the coordination of the activities of a children's choir, a choir, and, since 1991, of the School of Music, a center specialized in music education agreement with the State Conservatory “Martucci” di Salerno;

2) the organization, the annual of the International academy of Music, the chamber music festival “The Courts of the Art”, the Amalfi Coast Music Festival & Institute, and an annual concert season.

3) the periodic organization of training and seminars on music Teaching aimed at teachers of music education in schools of every order and degree, as well as business collaboration, consultancy and support to teaching and research of music for schools, according to the provisions of the Draft Special Music (cm 198/99).

The structure of the Accademia musicale Jacopo Napoli

Year of establishment: 1987, with the Act no. 16141 of 12.06.87 of the notary Lucia Maria Maiorino

Entered into the Register of Institutions of regional importance – L. R. 49/85 – with resolution no. 5534 of 31.10.89

With the recognition of the legal personality pursuant to the PRESIDENTIAL decree of the 361/2000 with the decree 06.04.2005 of the Prefect of Salerno

Registered in the Regional Register – L. R. 7/2003 – with managerial Decree no. 22 of the 27/02/2007

Registered with the RUNTS with managerial Decree no. 108 of the 01/02/2023

Registered office: Piazza san Francesco, 12 – 84013 Cava de’ Tirreni (Salerno), – tax Code: 95018470658

Website: mail:  pec:


Artistic director and legal representative

Julian Knight – resolution of the 06/04/2018 (curriculum)

Incarico triennale, rinnovabile. Scadenza: 31/12/2024.

Compenso lordo per la direzione artistica 2023: € 2.500,00


Non sono stati conferiti ulteriori incarichi. Altre mansioni sono rese a carattere volontario e gratuito.


Sovvenzioni e contributi ricevuti dalla pubblica amministrazione per l’anno 2024

Comune di Cava de’ Tirreni: € 10.000,00 (saldo 2023)


Grants and contributions received from the public administration for the year 2023

Ministero della Cultura: € 24.862,00 (saldo 2022)

Ministero della Cultura: disposti € 29.552,00: incassati € 0,00

Contributo Regione Campania (L. 7/2003): disposti: € 20.700,00; incassati € 19.872,00

Contributo Regione Campania (L. 6/2007): disposti € 10.892,96; incassati € 0,00

Contributo Comune di Cava de’ Tirreni: disposti € 10.000,00; incassati € 0,00

Due per mille (anno di competenza 2021): € 7.434,65


Grants and contributions received from the public administration for the year 2022

The contribution from the Ministry of Culture: willing € 21.111,96, received € 0,00

The contribution from the Region of Campania (L. 7/2003): arranged and paid € 17.090,00

Contribution of the Municipality of Cava de’ Tirreni: willing € 0,00

Contributions To Art Bonus: € 4.100,00